Project closeout is the last phase of the project management life cycle. ... Before the project is officially closed, the project team must hold a stakeholder's meeting. During this meeting, the stakeholders determine if the project deliverables meet their objectives, and finalize any claims submitted during the project.

Global Claim ( Final Claim )

What is a "Global Claim" under a construction contract?

It is a claim which should be done by the end of the project collecting all claims for the problems and delays that took place during the project such as extension of time, prolongation cost, disruption,… etc.

The scenario that typically arises is this:by the end of the project the contractor will submit his final claim to demand his rights and defend himself against the Employer claims such as liquidated damages.

As Built Programme

What is an as-built programme?

A simple definition of an as-built programme may be stated as: “A record of when the various project works were actually undertaken”. A fuller definition may be stated as: “The final [programme] to be completed“. It will evolve through the course of the project as activities are started, progressed and completed as the work is executed. The last update should complete the as-built [programme] as a high-density record of the sequence in which the works were actually constructed, the resources actually used and the productivity actually achieved.

What is an as-built Schedule?

The final schedule for a project, reflecting the actual scope, actual completion dates, actual duration of the specified activities, and start dates.

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